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In our opinion, "Oerol" is the nicest festival in the Netherlands. The festival takes place on the Island of Terschelling, every year, in the month of June. We did an educational project with the children of the four primary schools on Terschelling. The project was about pollution on the island and about re-using waste materials. We collected waste materials at the beach and made two giant shellformed sculptures with it. At Oerol many adults participated in making beautiful constructions at the GreenDoPavilion. The wind also participated in everything we did.



de laatjes met bindmaterialen

een aantal Niemandsland-wezens

op de achtergrond: feestterrein het Groene Strand

enkele bouwwerken

ladenblokjes met materialen

scholenproject (foto gemaakt door Liesbeth Sluiter)

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