The "GreenDoPavilion" (in Dutch, the GroenDoenPaviljoen) is an art project in which children ages 4 through 12 participate. Dutch artists Hester Pilz and Hendrien designed the Pavilion.

de vloer The children, by using their imagination, make an essential contribution to the project as it develops. When children work on the GreenDoPavilion, it stimulates them to use their imagination and creativity. Also it makes children aware of their environment and stimulates responsable behaviour.

Perhaps more importantly, it gets them cooperating with other children while creating the pavilion project. The children literally and figuratively experience "space".

The project consists of a pavilion designed by the artists, measuring 4 x 6 meters, or 13 x 20 feet. The floor of the pavilion is decorated with a photo-collage, presenting people working in their garden. The subject refers to one of the inspirations of the project: i.e. the informal structures you can find in some type of garden.

de laatjes Only "green" (natural or recycled) materials are used in the pavilion. This way, the children become aware of their environment.

Inside the pavilion, a "tree" is being built by the artists. The children create the branches of the tree with a selection of materials, like bamboo and loppings. These materials are tied together with a variety of different binding materials, stored in little drawers underneath the pavilion floor.

The two artists, Hester and Hendrien, both have a long-time interest in organic building. Both have considerable experience designing art projects that act as children’s’ teaching aids.

de materialen One focus of their work is to integrate the 2nd and 3rd dimensions through art. Both are Art School graduates.

The GreenDoPavilion has a three-fold inspiration:


Practical Details:


On this website you will find information about the festivals where the GreenDoPavilion has been, or will be seen. Maybe unfortunately for you, most of the information is in Dutch. Nevertheless, we trust that the pictures will tell you enough. to the homepage

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